IAS Full Form: Indian Administration Service | IAS Exam Pattern

UPSC IAS – Indian Administration Service

IAS Full Form: Indian Administration Service | IAS Exam Pattern

What is IAS?

Full Form IAS stands for Indian Administrative Services. Open competition through the Joint Government Public Service Committee is the highest position under the Indian government. The other two are IPS (Indian Police Service) and IFoS (Indian Forest Service).

How to become an IAS officer?


All India Service



Since IAS officials are part of the “All India Service,” they provide services to the Indian government and state officials according to their delegation. In the British era, it was called the Indian/Imperial Civil Service (ICS). After independence, ICS was changed to IAS (abbreviation for Indian Administrative Services).

The minimum degree required to become an IAS official is to graduate from a recognized university.

  • Direct Recruitment: The mission of India’s United Public Service Commission (UPSC) is to recruit IAS personnel and IPS, IRS, and another top group A (and certain services from group B). UPSC recruited all the staff of the Central Service Bureau and the India Service Bureau through the prestigious civil service examination.
  • Promotion of national public administration.


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Functions of IAS officers:

Officials of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS FULL FORM) hold important positions in the administrative system of the Indian government. They are the bureaucratic backbone of the government’s parliamentary system.

IAS officers can serve as the district administration, secretary of state, and central secretary. The most senior IAS official in India is the Cabinet Secretary.

  • They supervise public order and general management.
  • Essential positions of IAS officials include collectors, district chiefs, development directors, chief executives, and district development commissioners
  • They can also be appointed as members of leading public companies (UPM).
  • IAS officials are responsible for managing the daily affairs of the government.
  • Officials from the Bureau of Administrative Services of India participate in policy formulation and implementation
  • IAS officers are usually responsible for overseeing the management of public funds.

The monthly salary of IAS officers in India-Seventh Payments Committee

Due to the adoption of a new salary structure, the IAS salary scale system of various government departments in India was canceled. A consolidated salary level was introduced following the recommendations of the 7th Central Salary Committee. Currently, the IAS (FULL FORM IAS – Indian Administrative Services) salary scale is determined only based on the basic salary and TA, DA, and HRA.





Pay Level-10

56100 Basic Pay (INR) 1 to 4 years required in service. Post-Sub-divisional magistrate (State Secretariat and Central Secretariat)

Pay Level-11

67700 Basic Pay (INR) 5 to 8 years required in service. Post additional district magistrate (Deputy Secretary and Undersecretary)

Pay Level-12

78800 Basic Pay (INR) 9 to 12 years required in service. Post district magistrate (Joint Secretary and Deputy Secretary)

Pay Level-13

118500 Basic Pay (INR) 13 to 16 years required in service. Post district magistrate (Special secretary-cum-director and Director)

Pay Level-14

144200 Basic Pay (INR) 16 to 24 years required in service. Post divisional commissioner (Secretary-cum-commissioner and Joint Secretary)

Pay Level-15

182200 Basic Pay (INR) 25 to 30 years required in service. Post divisional commissioner (Principal Secretary and Additional secretary)

Pay Level-16

205400 Basic Pay (INR) 30 to 33 years required in service. Post No Equivalent Rank (Additional Chief Secretary and No Equivalent Rank)

Pay Level-17

225000 Basic Pay (INR) 34 to 36 years required in service. Post No Equivalent Rank (Chief Secretary and Secretary)

Pay Level-18

250000 Basic Pay (INR) 36 years up required in service. Post No Equivalent Rank (No Equivalent Rank and Cabinet Secretary of India)

Becoming an official of IAS is a sense of pride and brings greater responsibility to citizens and the country. To start preparing for Upsc, see the link below.

A Short Story of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in India

What are the powers of IAS officers?

The Indian administration officials can be part of the state cadres or even part of the central deputation. At the state level, regional administrations are under the control of IAS officers early in their careers. As long as they have time and good performance, IAS officials can represent India abroad and become the head of the PSU and cabinet secretary.

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