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Latin American Literary Review Press

Eight editions from this rare collection of museum-quality, facsimile editions of some of history's most important documents has now been made available on the continent about which it was created.

Bringing together the original records, maps, and documents relating to the Discovery, Columbus' epic achievements and the encounter of the two worlds which had previously been unaware of each other's existence, these editions were created to reconstruct the image of the New World that was formed by the Old.

Many years of research has been dedicated to facsimile production techniques, and, thanks to this effort, unprecedented quality has been attained with this collection. The techniques used for both reproduction and printing of these documents have broken new ground in the graphic arts.

Each edition includes both a high quality facsimile reproduction of the document, as well as a separate volume containing its transcription and a scholarly study (in Spanish) executed by specialists in the field. The facsimiles were created with hand-crafted paper, then hand-sewn and bound with the accompanying period drawings and engravings of the original.

The scientific director of the collection was Francisco Morales Padrón, professor of history of geographical discoveries at the University of Seville. The artistic director was César Olmos Pieri, world famous engraver who developed the techniques used in the production of this high quality collection.

Only 980 copies of each edition were created for international distribution in 1992. These editions will never be reprinted again.

Also available from the Latin American Literary Review Press: the Biblia de Ferrara, a facsimile of the Ferrara Bible, originally written in 1553.

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