The Golden Fountain Cafe Cover


The Golden Fountain Cafe

By Spanish author Benito Pérez Galdós
Translated by Walter Rubin

ISBN: 0-935480-36-6
Price: $18.00
Pages: 350

"...This novel, Galdós' first, is a colorfully witty picture of Spanish society in 1820-23.... A work of remarkable freshness and charm, and a real treat for those who love 19th-Century novels."
--Philadelphia Inquirer

"...As meticulously translated into English for the first time and annotated by a leading Galdós scholar, it exhibits themes and flashes of genius that would later earn Galdós his reputation."
--Publishers Weekly

"These characters are as memorable as those in Dickens and Thackeray... Rubin's lucid and lively translation... conveys the irony with which Galdós views his characters, as well as his sympathy for modesty, courtesy and humane values."
--New York Times