Enclosed Garden Cover


Enclosed Garden

By Angelina Muņiz Huberman
Translated by Lois Parkinson Zamora

ISBN: 0-935480-29-3
Price: $11.50
Pages: 104

"From this exciting prose, poetry emerges with refined tones and strong passional dimensions. In Muņiz everything is suggested by symbols and configurations of images.... Huerto cerrado, Huerto sellado [Enclosed Garden] is one of the most beautiful books that has appeared this year and in many years."

"The structure of the stories is superb: each paragraph has an isolated and complete value by itself. The mystery in this Huerto [Garden] is one of the deepest in our decade, and this volume is the most beautiful of Angelina Muņiz' books."
--Best of the Year · Excelsior

"The fictions of Muņiz-Huberman treat the contemporary emphasis on alienation, uncertainty, displacement, and exile through invented stories of ancient times...."
--Hispanic Journal