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Agosín, Marjorie, Melodious Women, Witches and Other Things, Women of Smoke
Agosín, Marjorie and Cooperman, Celeste, eds., Whispers from the Andes
Aguilar, Eduardo García, Boulevard of Heroes
Alegría, Fernando, Changing Centuries, The Maypole Warriors
Asturias, Miguel Ángel, Legends of Guatemala, The Mirror of Lida Sal
Balcells, Jacqueline, The Enchanted Raisin
Berger-Kiss, Andrés, The Sharpener and Other Stories
Bernuy, J. Noriega, ed., Pichka Harawikuna: Five Quechua Poets
Berman, Sabina, Bubbeh
Bianco, José, Shadow Play, The Rats
Braschi, Giannina, Yo-Yo Boing
Bullrich, Silvina, Tomorrow I'll Say, Enough
Castellanos, Rosario, City of Kings
Collyer, Jaime, People on the Prowl
Coloane, Francisco, Cape Horn and Other Stories from the End of the World
Crow, Mary, ed., Woman Who Has Sprouted Wings
Delgado, Ana María, The Room In-Between
de la Cuesta, Barbara, The Gold Mine
de Sancta Maria, Thomas, The Art of Playing The Fantasia
de Vallbona, Rima, The Flowering Inferno: Tales of Sinking Hearts
Díaz, Alejandro Hernández, The Cuban Mile
Díaz, René Vázquez, Welcome to Miami, Dr. Lear
Díaz Valcárcel, Emilio, Hot Soles in Harlem
Donahue, Moraima, Figuras y contrafiguras en la obra poética de Fernando Alegría
Duran, Gloria, María de Estrada, Gypsy Conquistadora
Estrada, Ezequiel Martínez, Holy Saturday and Other Stories
Galdós, Benito Pérez, The Golden Fountain, Nazarin
Galeana, Benita, Benita
Galindo, Sergio, Mexican Masquerade
Gardiol, Rita, ed., The Silver Candelabra and Other Stories
Gardeazábal, Gustavo Alvarez, Bazaar of the Idiots
Giardinelli, Mempo, Sultry Moon
Gómez de la Serna, Ramón, Aphorisms
Guerra Cunningham, Lucía, M´s allá de las máscaras
Hahn, Oscar, The Art of Dying
Hoeksema, Thomas, ed., The Fertile Rhythms
Kahmi de Rodrigo, Victoria, Hand in Hand with Joaquín Rodrigo: My Life at the Maestro's Side
Kanellos, Nicolás, Mexican American Theater: Legacy and Reality
Leonard, Kathy S., ed., Cruel Fictions, Cruel Realities
Levi, Enrique Jaramillo, Duplications, The Shadow
Lindo, Hugo, Ways of Rain
Levinson, Luisa Mercedes, The Two Siblings & Other Stories
Mallea, Eduardo, History of an Argentine Passion
Martínez, Eliud, The Art of Mariano Azuela
Matute, Ana María, Soldiers Cry By Night, The Trap
Menes, Orlando Ricardo, My Heart Flooded With Water: Translations from the Poetry of Alfonsina Storni
Miller, Yvette E. ed., Latin American Women Writers: Yesterday and Today
Mistral, Gabriela, Desolation
Moix, Ana María, Of My Real Life I Know Nothing
Montes de Oca, Marco, Twenty-One Poems
Muñiz Huberman, Angelina, Enclosed Garden
Naranjo, Carmen, There Never Was a Once Upon a Time
Neruda, Pablo, Ceremonial Songs, Neruda's Garden
Nuñes, Maria Luisa, A Portuguese Colonial in America
Ortega, Julio, Ayacucho, Goodbye and Moscow's Gold
Paiva, Marcello Rubens, Happy Old Year
Paoli, Francisco Matos, Song of Madness and Other Poems
Piglia, Ricardo, Assumed Name
Ponce, Manuel, Some of My Poems
Pradelli, Ángela, Friends of Mine
Ramos, Luis Arturo, Within These Walls
Reyes-Ruiz, Rafael, The Ruins
Rios, Mi-Chelle L., Chola
Ross, Kathleen and Miller, Yvette E. eds, Scents of Wood and Silence
Samperio, Guillermo, Beatle Dreams and Other Stories
Sánchez, Marta, XVIII Century Spanish Music Villancicos of Juan Francés de Iribarren
Sarduy, Severo, For Voice
Schevill, Rudolph, Recollections of a Golden Age
Shua, Ana María, Patient
Skármeta, Antonio, Love-Fifteen
Stamadianos, Jorge, Beer Cans in the Río de la Plata
Steimberg, Alicia, Musicians and Watchmakers
Ubidia, Abdón, Wolves' Dream
Urioste, José Castro, And What Have You Done?
Usigli, Rodolfo, The Impostor
Valdivieso, Mercedes, Breakthrough
Valenzuela, Luisa, Clara
Vallejo, César, The Black Heralds
Van Steen, Edla, Early Mourning, A Bag of Stories
Vicens, Josefina, The False Years
Wodnicki, Moíses, El día empieza a vólar / Airborne with the Day
Ybarra, Ricardo Means, The Pink Rosary
Zapata Olivella, Manuel, Chambacú: Black Slum
Zurita, Rául Purgatorio
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